Monday, March 29, 2010

The Benefits of Staying on Disney Property

When most people start planning their Disney vacations and are on a budget, they immediately believe that they need to stay outside of Disney at a cheap hotel/motel. Nothing could be further from the truth!

For starters, you need to consider more than the price. At certain times of the year, you just might find a hotel that is only 5 minutes from the entrance to Walt Disney World for $50 a night and compare that to the $89 a night for a Disney Value Resort. A first glance would point to the obvious: The outside hotel is a better deal. But is it really?

When you stay at a Disney resort there are several things to factor in to the price:
1. Free parking/free transportation. When you stay at a Disney resort, you get free parking at your hotel and at the parks. If you stay at an off-property hotel, you will have to pay up to $14 a day to park your car! Plus, while staying on Disney property, you have free transportation from your hotel to all of the parks via their buses, the monorail and boats. If you chose, you don't have to get in your own car for the duration of your stay.

2. Location, location, location! When staying at a Disney Resort, you are always in the middle of the magic. The value resorts are brightly themed with larger-than-life icons and the Disney theme is carried throughout. Even when you leave the parks, you are still surrounded by the festive atmosphere. Disney transportation gets you to and from the parks with bus service that will arrive every 20 minutes (excluding high attendance days). At an off property hotel, you are going to have to drive yourself from the hotel on to Disney property, to the park of your choice, find and pay for parking and then walk to the park entrance. That can take 30 minutes to accomplish, cutting in to your day. Some local hotels offer shuttle service in to the Disney complex, but sometimes it's only twice a day and it takes you only as far as the TTA (Transportation and Ticket Center) and then you have to take Disney transportation to the park of your choice.

3. Service. Disney resorts have it all; their level of service is amazing. They take customer service above and beyond the typical hotel clerk.

4. Amenities. Each of the Disney Value Resorts hosts a gift shop, arcade, pools, and a food court. With the giant sized icons around each resort's property, and their wonderfully themed pools, you could spend an entire day at the resort and be thoroughly entertained.

So if you took your $50 a night hotel, added your $14 a day parking fee, then added all of the convenience of staying on property you would find that the $25 more a night you pay at a Disney Resort could really still make it quite a deal for your family. With four value resorts to choose from - All-Star Music, All-Star Sports, All-Star Movies and POP Century, you have plenty of rooms to choose from!

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